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Member since: April 12, 2006
Last visit: April 12, 2015
Name: Sophie
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Location: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Fav. BEP: Fergie
Fav. Video: Don't Phunk with my Heart
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The concert in Malta

category: BEP | August 3 | @540 | comments comments(7)

The day before the concert my mum and i wanted to find out where the concert would be held. We arrived at the bus station in Valetta and we heard some music. Then we saw a huuuge stage. We went to it and it turned out it was the sound check! I got really excited cuz i was hoping the Peas would come. First Metro Station was on the stage. I dont really like their music. But still it was cool to see them. It was kind of funny cuz one of the boys kept saying some sentence. He didn't know how to bring it and it sounded really stupid, lol. Two hours later Lady Gaga was on stage. She was so funny! And all of a sudden she started playing on a piano. Omg she was so good, everybody was like lol....

3 Year Anniversary
category: BEP
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added on: 04/12 @879
My Friends..
category: Anything
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added on: 05/29 @860


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Published on: 03/19/2012

Paris with my love

Paris with my love

Published on: 03/11/2012

Melissa and me =)

Melissa and me =)

Published on: 01/09/2010

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01/25/13 @879
and i will be in Paris, of courseeeeeeeeee!!! <3
01/25/13 @879
it's so weird here. i don't know what to do anymore :s
01/15/13 @689
Yeah she gives me the names
And it took me so much time how to use smileys and this system. I'm very very late with that
01/14/13 @793
Who will be with you???? I'd love so bad to meet you, you'd be my first peapobies and it would be awesome ;)
01/13/13 @966
Yeah sure Paris is not far from where I live, and I often go to the Champs Elysées it's really nice :) You'll be there a day before or the friday morning??????
01/13/13 @944
I know but I mean by news if it's cancelled because it happens a lot unfortunately the place if you don't know that's why I asked. But if you know all of this, I'll hope you'll have big fun in the capital :)

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My Bep Life.x

05/07/09 - Rock Werchter, Belgium
08/07/09 - Isle of Mtv, Malta
15/05/10 - Berlin, Germany
19/05/10 - Antwerp, Belgium
12/07/10 - Tw Classic, Belgium
03/08/10 - Boston, MA <3
[04/08/10 - Boston, MA]
07/08/10 - Atlantic City, NJ <3
[21/06/11 - Paris, France] <3
22/06/11 - Paris, France
[23/06/11 - Paris, France] <3
24/06/11 - Paris, France
[13/07/11 - Madrid, Spain] <3
14/07/11 - Madrid, Spain <3
26/11/11 - Lausanne, Switzerland
(Taboo dj set)
05/04/12 - Barcelona, Spain
(Taboo dj set)
19/05/12 - London, Uk
(The Voice) [20/21]<3
23/06/12 - London, UK
( Hackney Weekend)
24/06/12 - London, UK <3
21/07/12 - Melle, Germany (Taboo dj set) <3
28/07/12 - Le Havre, France (Taboo dj set)
13/08/12 - Tel Aviv, Israel (Apl dj set)
07/09/12 - Amsterdam ( conference) <3
29/10/12 - London (Apl dj set) <3
[30/10/12 - London] <3
31/10/12 - Brussels (Apl dj set) <3
13/12/12 - The Voice, Manchester
15/12/12 - The Voice, Manchester <3
16/12/12 - The Voice, Manchester <3
20/02/13 - London <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
21/02/13 - The Voice & more <3 <3
22/02/13 - Paris (Taboo dj set) <3
17,18/04/13 - Paris <3
14/07/13 - London ( at wireless)
01/12/13 - Paris (#willpower tour)
07/12/13 - Oberhausen (#willpower tour)

Some pea-ple that deserve to get a special mention:

- First of all, The Black Eyed Peas, my everything. <3
- Melissa,  littlechicpea, my twin for life <3
- Natalia,  x-Ferguson-x, my bff <3
- Katy,  BEPkaty, my Older Pea <3
- And ALL the other peabodies who are like family to me. I've met so many amazing peabodies and I can't wait to meet more.

Let's break walls so we see through. Let love and Peas lead you. / AM / i / UMG
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